The research project Honors in Europe is carried out under supervision of Dr. Marca Wolfensberger at the Research Centre for Talent Development in Higher Education and Society at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen in the Netherlands. Maarten Hogenstijn is project leader. The project goal is to create and share knowledge about talent development initiatives in European higher education.

The book Talent Development in European Higher Education: The Benelux, Nordic and German-speaking countries is the first main product of the project.
As a spin-off, brochures with practical advice for honors educators were produced (in English, Dutch and German).
In addition, a series of International Masterclasses around the theme 'Thinking, creating and networking in honors' is organized.
Publication of the book and organization of the masterclasses are supported by the Sirius Program.

As a next step in the project, focus shifts to provisions for talented students in Southern Europe.