April 2017:
The first issue of the Journal of the European Honors Council is announced

March 2017:
The book Talent Development in European Higher Education has reached over 50,000 downloads

January 2017:
A new masterclass in the series 'Thinking, creating and networking in honors is held

September 2016:
The article Slow Shift - Developing Provisions for Talented Students in Scandinavian Higher Education by Marca Wolfensberger and Maarten Hogenstijn was published in the open access journal Education Sciences (10 Sept 2016)

May 2016:
An extensive review of the book Talent Development in European Higher Education was published in the open-access journal Honors in Higher Education.

May 2016:
The brochure with practical tips based on the book is now available in English (Honors in Europe: getting to work) and German (Honors in Europa: Die Arbeit beginnt).

May 2016:
New research in the Honors in Europe project is focusing on Southern Europe. Some preliminary results will be shared at the international conference Honours Futures in Utrecht, June 2016.

May 2016:
After the third European Honors Council meeting, the network now has its own (simple) website.

January 2016:
The European Honors Council had its second meeting in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Materials have now been moved to the own website of the network.

August 2015:
Presentations from the network meeting in Nijmegen have been added to the Network-section.

July 2015:
The Links-section and the Materials page have been updated.

June 2015:

News about the book: